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CB-X CB-3000 3 Inch Male Chastity Device (Beware of Imitation - Click The Picture For More Information)(Online Promotion Sale At $189 On Jun 17)

Category: Chastity Device/CB-6000S/CB-X.com Designer  | Cost: SGD ($) 189
CB 3000  Male chastity devices
Customer demand was high for a size mid-way between the CB-2000 and The Curve. The result is the CB-3000. It represents the natural lines of the penis. It is extremely transparent which makes it very intriguing while being worn. The slope makes it virtually undetectable under clothing. Take the time to find the right sized cuff ring and the proper spacing to get the exact custom fit.
The CB-3000 consists of 2 parts:

Cuff Ring re-designed for comfort

Comes in five sizes: 1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4", 1 7/8" & 2.0". These five sizes come with each order. This allows the wearer to experiment to find his exact size. The rings swivel at the bottom making it easy to put on. Each ring consists of two guide pin holes and a recessed locking pin hole. Spacers are provided for an individual fit. These spacers go over the locking pin, between the cuff ring and the cage.
Cage Portion (Inside Length 3" - Inside Diameter 1 3/8")

The cage portion has two guide pins and a locking pin hole. The cuff ring goes behind the ball sack and over the penis. Install the locking pin and the spacers. Put the cage over the penis and then line up the cage portion with the cuff ring. Slide the guide pins and locking pin into place and attach a lock on the tip of the locking pin. Once you have found the exact fit, cut the ends of the guide pins with a pair of side cutter pliers and smooth the edges with an emery board.
Note: Some men have a high tight ball sack. If this is the case it may take a little longer to get a comfortable exact fit. For the best results the ball sack should hang slightly beneath the cuff ring and cage portion. You may find it necessary to stretch the ball sack. This can be accomplished by "The Enhancer" or by wearing a 1" leather strap off and on around the top of the sack until it stretches slightly. Make sure to smooth the skin under the ball sack to each side. If the skin overlaps, this may cause a burning sensation.
Each order includes:
  • Five individually numbered plastic locks.
  • One brass padlock with two keys.
  • Three different sized locking pins.
  • Different sized spacers.


We highly recommend using baby oil/jell , Wet Platimum silicon based lube or a similar product after showering, applying to the penis with a cotton swab. This allows the penis to naturally move up and down in the cage portion. After this has been accomplished you should be able to wear it 24/7 for indefinite periods of time...1 months, 3 months...wearer and Key holder ultimately determine the period of time!

The material is a highly durable polycarbonate. It is very light weight which adds to the comfort. It is vented with slots allowing natural air drying. The design also allows for hygiene when bathing. Use a soapy sponge or cloth to allow the soap and water to clean the interior of the cage.

OPTIONAL ITEMS (sold separately)
Points of Intrigue

These Points of Intrigue are especially for the CB-3000 and Curve Clear only. Sold in sets of 3.

A note from the manufacturers: "There are approximately 3-5% of customers that report being able to pull out of the back of the CB-3000/Curve. We therefore found it necessary to design the Points of Intrigue. Of this percentage, [most have a scrotum that hangs down further than most. This allows them to pull the device forward and then pullout of the back of the device. The Points of Intrigue are an accessory item for added security."

However the discomfort caused when trying to pull of the chastity device when the "Points of Intrigue" are in place makes it less than desirable. More than likely, the five lines that would appear along the shaft would be very noticeable. Even if this is accomplished, getting back into both the CB3000 and The Curve while in a flaccid state could prove to be very interesting. While in an excited state, it could prove to be even more challenging!

The "Points of Intrigue" are polycarbonate semicircles with three different point lengths. The point lengths are approximately 3.125mm (1/8 of an inch), 4.69mm (3/16 of an inch) and 7.81mm (5/16 of an inch). The points have a slight buffed tip to avoid cutting into the penis. The tab located at the top provides easy installation by running the locking pin through the hole. Position the circle so it partially slides into the "A" Ring with the tab facing away from the "A" Ring. The guide pins keep it from rotating."

The Points of Intrigue will make it much more difficult to move the penis inside the CB-3000/Curve, and prevent most men from getting it off. And, even if a man is able to partially remove the CB-3000/Curve, getting it on again will tend to be even harder.

An additional effect of the Points of Intrigue will be some potential added discomfort whenever the wearer become aroused. As the penis tries (unsuccessfully) to become erect, pressure against the points will increase. Depending on the size of the individual, and which of the 3 lengths of Points are selected, this can range from a mild discomfort to a painful reminder and disciplinary control.

The difference between the CB3000 and the CB6000 :

a) CB 3000 is 3" long and 1 3/8" diameter, while CB6000 is 3 3/4" long and 1 3/8" diameter.
b) CB 3000 inside profile is round, while CB6000 inside profile is oval it"s wider than it is tall
-So overall, CB3000 is shorter and the CB6000 is narrower.
c) The CB3000 the vent holes are on the top of the tube and the attachment pins point toward the body, while the 6000 the vent holes are on the sides of the tube and the attachment pins point away from the body.

d) The CB3000 rings are hinged at the bottom, while the CB6000 the rings are two pieces to eliminate the hinge.
Item additional info:
What turns men onto the idea of chastity?

Experts classify chastity devices as fetish items. Let"s define a fetish as any item or action, whether erotic in nature or not, that sexually arouses an individual or group. It is extremely unusual, though not beyond possibility, for females to be fetishistically driven. Fetishes are usually associated with men. The reason for this is the way men are wired. Their upbringing, taboos during childhood, and the level of testosterone in their bloodstream all contribute to their fetish fantasizes.

Almost all men have some type of fetish impulse to a greater or lesser degree. What woman hasn"t experienced her chosen mate asking her to wear a certain type of lingerie, skirt, shoe, hairstyle, makeup or perfume. These are all manifestations of hidden or apparent fetishes.

Mens" sex drive is, altogether, different from that of women. Experts estimate that, during waking hours, the average male has overt sexual thoughts/fantasies twelve times per hour. These thoughts usually generate a partial or complete erection on the order of three to four times per hour. The experts also estimate that the average male will masturbate about three times per day though not necessarily to orgasm. It"s apparent that a great deal of sexual energy is being expended by males. Also it seems that men and women, by nature, tend to be attracted to exact opposites.

If that concept garners agreement, the result of this sexual energy can be expressed as one of two extremes. Either the male makes unwanted, aggressive, sexual advances on his partner; or he expends his energy masturbating (which is often distasteful, annoying, or repulsive to the woman), or worse on a mistress and is unable or unmotivated to pleasure his mate when she desires. If the couple agrees on chastity play, however, that energy is directed into much more desirable activities such as working around the house, getting physically fit, losing weight, curbing bad habits, or earning additional money. Whether you call it chastity play
Who buys Chastity Devices?

It"s interesting that a man will initiate the purchase of a chastity device... something that will keep his most private area locked up, out of his reach.  For some men there is a fantasy attached to being kept from something that they want. In this case, a man that would like to masturbate or touch himself is not able to, and that heightens fantasies as well as frustrations.  Some men have spoken of a euphoria associated with continuous sexual frustrations.

Some men that have great guilt associated with masturbation and want to curb that habit, others have a desire to be locked up by someone, to be dominated.  These are often times men in a position of power in the community or business world.  They want someone else to control and dominate them and find it very erotic for a woman to exercise her feminine power over them.

For other men, they purchase a chastity device to show their devotion to their wife or woman.  To give up this area of their anatomy to the control of someone that they truly love is to some men a sign of the highest of devotion.  They want the woman to experience the assurance and confidence that their man is wholly theirs, kept for her!

Whatever the case, a chastity device can serve many purposes and bring fulfillment of fantasies, correction of bad habits, or sexual fulfillment to them and their relationship.

What about a woman that purchases a chastity device for their man?

Most of the women that purchase a chastity device do so to correct sexual problems with their men.  They may have caught their man in an affair, masturbating, or just not giving the attention that the woman wants and rightly deserves.  So they order a chastity device and "surprise" their man.  And what a surprise it is!

When a woman locks up the man by her initiative, there is normally a firm purpose that she has in mind.  She begins to call the shots, set the rules for wearing and release, and let"s the man know exactly what she expects of him.  She is out to correct some real bad habit.  At the same time, the woman often experiences a side of herself that was dormant.  She find an erotic feminine power that she never knew was there.  

In a normally male-dominated society, she finds that now she holds certain powers, and the control that she now has is exciting and very erotic to both her and the man.  She finds that by locking up her man he is now more compliant, he is breaking bad habits, and giving much more attention to her needs.  

Well, you could certainly say that she has his attention.  Women, if your man is in any of the above situations, trust us, buy a chastity device, sit him down one evening, and explain that this is going to be the way it is from now on.  

You may want to have a nice "ceremony" where he is giving up his rights.  Let him touch himself one last time, then put on the chastity device and lock him up.  Let that "click" of the lock be a reminder to him of who is in control now!  Have some rules and expectations written out that you have him look at and agree to.  Let him know that he brought this on himself.

You know what the strange thing will be?  After a while he will begin to enjoy the effect that your control is having on your relationship and on him.  We have talked to men who say that they have actually thanked their woman after a period of time because they see the wisdom of what they have done.  Their relationship has taken on new meaning.  What was once a strained or dissolving relationship is now one where communication, openness, honesty, and hope are restored!

So, whether the man or the woman purchases, and for whatever reason a chastity device is purchased, it seems that there are some wonderful results that occur in the relationship, and that is what matters!  We want to see men and woman thrilled with each other, committed to one another, enjoying their relationship, and thoroughly loving one another!
Customer reviews:
 by NickDate Added: 11 Jan, 2006 
This is the best thing ever, I hope who ever designed this is a millionaire! I have not been wearing mine that long, but it is very comfortable to wear and I love the fact of knowing that my mistress holds the key and can control me and any of my pleasure. Now knowing that I am truly controlled by her help to keep me in my submissive ways (like I should be) I was very afraid before I purchased it that I would not be able to handle it but I hardly even know that I have it on. I am hoping that when she does finally allow me to orgasm that it will just make our time that much better
 by GilbertDate Added: 7 Feb, 2006 
I was a chronic masturbator until my wife made me wear this device. Now, I am allowed out only once a month for sex, and every 3 or 4 days for washing and shaving, but she makes sure it goes back on. The medium points makes an erection too painful, so I can now stay soft all the time. This has improved our loving relationship greatly! By the way, to make the slight trouser bulge less noticeable, wearing a firm control men"s support brief (ie girdle) is a good idea, as also is replacing the padlock with a smaller one than the one supplied. A great device, and you become addicted to it. Wouldn"t dream of being un-caged now.
by John&MaryDate Added:  6 March, 2006 
when i first heard of this idea i thought it is weird but knew it is kind of things that my boyfriend dreams about as he likes kinky stuffs. also he was chronic masturbator which was affecting our sex life. we had a conversation about chastity game and we purchased it. he made pledge of being my sex slave and we went on with this for 2 months. during that time i got totally inclined to this stuff. the power of controling his sex drive and making him doing whatever i want just made me the most happiest woman living. after 2 months when our chastity game finished he went back to his masturbating habbits which i didnt like. we had serious conversation where he asked me for help but in return i demanded total control over his c..k. he agreed with some hesitation. nowdays i play very naughty games with him not allowing him to cum for weeks or share him with some friends of mine while he is locked. girls mens dick is too important to let men handle it. take the keys, lock your men and let yourself into the world of regular orgasms and sexual fullfilness
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Locked upDate Added: Thursday 07 September, 2006 
I got the CB3000 so that my gf would stop worring that I was cheating on her. She used to live 100 miles away, she liked locking me up for the week. Now we live together and she still locks me up. I"m let every 3-5 days for cleaning, I get to cum once a month. The CB3000 is easy to wear, most of the time I forget that it is locked me. It"s not noticable under normal street clothing. I love being locked up, my gf loves locking me up. I also have the Points Of Intrigue. The POI hurt like hell when I "try" to get hard. The large points hurt when limp, the medium isn"t too bad, and the small points only when trying to get hard, my gf says that when I"m bad I get the POI. I don"t recommend the POI for 24/7 wear.
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Tiny DickDate Added: Tuesday 22 August, 2006 
I love my cb3000. I have been wearing it this time 144 days. The wife loves it too because I give her oral many more times per month. I hope to wear it for several more years before removing it. I will have one happy wife since she loves my tongue much better than my penis. I"m hoping that this great device will eventually lead to my being cucked. I recommend the cb3000 to all husbands and boyfriends who have samll dicks.
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Locked For Good?Date Added: Tuesday 15 August, 2006 
My wife and I decided to try this a few weeks ago. She was somewhat skeptical at first (neither one of us are seriously into BDSM stuff) but now she wishes we"d got this when we first married!! It"s just the best sex toy ever!! Talk about foreplay lasting for days at a time!! I am so horny all the time now it"s incredible. There"s no room for any kind of movement in the CB3000 for me. I"ve tried miserably to masturbate somehow but it"s impossible. I can"t get any kind of erection or even touch myself unless my wife allows it. It"s exquisite and VERY arousing! She is having so much fun teasing me. She knows now that she and only she can decide when I get let out and give her the best seeing to she"s ever had. She"ll then immediately lock me back in!! We use either playing cards or dice to decide the "minimum" lock up time (in days). Even after that time, there is no guarantee she"ll let me out. I am constantly like a love-struck teenager and worshipping the ground she walks on. I don"t even look at other women now. My wife is like a Goddess to me while she wears that key around her neck. FYI: If you purchase this item and find that it"s not quite secure (possibility that you can pull out) - consider getting the Points of Intrigue for it. Although I found even the smallest POI set to be uncomfortable for everyday wear, I sanded the points down until I found that I was totally secure but also comfortable enough for 24/7 wear. Also use plenty of baby powder around the cuff ring to avoid chaffing from nocturnal erection attempts.
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Rich the bitchDate Added: Monday 14 August, 2006 
My partner suggested I bought a chastity device supposedly to encourage my bondage interests but she now admits she didn"t trust me. The CB3000 now means I can go out for nights out without getting the spanish inquesition upon my return. I love being locked up, we started off for short periods then my lady decided to post my key to herself on a friday just after last post collection of a bank holiday weekend. Imagine my frustration when it failed to turn up on the tuesday morning! She"d promised me my patience was to be rewarded by her sucking and swallowing my load. Our latest game we play when she is on her period. She locks me up as soon as she starts and each morning and night we throw a dice. Depending on the number we carry out a forfeit. number one, I stay locked til the next time we are due to throw. Number two I have to toy my ass with whatever she gives me for her amusement. Number three I am released to toy my ass as number two only for this number I have to cum in a glass and drink it. Number four I"m chained up with a plug in my ass, she throws the dice and the number relates to how many hundred strokes of the whip I get. Numer five I"m tied naked to a tree with weights hanging from my CB3000 and a plug in my ass. She whips me outdoors and leaves me for varying lengths of time. Number six,(who ever gets a six?) she lets me out for a blowjob. Thank you so much.... I"ve never eaten so much of my own cum though!!!!
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Michael SubDate Added: Monday 31 July, 2006 
This is the best thing ever, I hope who ever designed this is a millionaire! I have not been wearing mine that long, but it is very comfortable to wear and I love the fact of knowing that my mistress holds the key and can control me and any of my pleasure. Now knowing that I am truly controlled by her help to keep me in my submissive ways (like I should be) I was very afraid before I purchased it that I would not be able to handle it but I hardly even know that I have it on. I am hoping that when she does finally allow me to orgasm that it will just make our time that much better
CB Series

A few ways to tell a counterfeit CB Series:
  • The "Cbelt-3000" is a counterfeit copy of a CB-3000.
  • The CB-4000 is a counterfeit copy of the Curve.
  • The CB-3000 is only available in black and clear. (There was previously a neon red version that was discontinued in the summer of 2007.) Any other color is a fake.
  • The Curve is only available in clear. Any other color is a fake.
  • There are known to be Chinese made replicas of the CB-6000 clear on the market. We would advise you to contact the seller to ask for the place of origin, especially if they are discounted.
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