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Sportsheets Super Sex Sling (Limited Stock-Pls call Main Store to check for more details and inquire about stock availability)

Category: For Couples

Super Sex Sling

Get into a myriad of positions and places you"ve never tried before with the amazing super sex sling. The sling is made of soft fabric and sturdy nylon for a durable and supportive piece of equipment that is also extremely comfortable. A large ergonomic brace sits directly around the neck, either in front or behind, offering a pillow like feel that will not chafe or scratch as you play.

This neck brace attaches to two plastic buckles that adjust the length of the ankle cuffs and extended pull straps. The ankle cuffs are lined with a soft and luxurious fabric while the outside is covered in Velcro to ensure a precise fit. Simply pull on the extended straps to lessen the slack between the ankles and the neck brace, and to keep your legs as high as you need them.

Great for any position, the super sex sling affords you hands free pleasure that will help with penetration for better G-spot stimulation as well as lessening neck and back fatigue during your intimacy.

This revolutionary new sexual aid helps improve:
  • Oral and missionary style sex
  • Better penetration
  • G-spot stimulation

    We highly recommend the sex sling for sex and strap-on play. The cuffs and straps allow you to comfortably spread those legs wide to get full access. The head rest and the restraints are super comfortable.

  • Great for oral sex! Don"t forget to try flipping the format. When he is on the bottom, the Super Sex Sling holds him in position to receive great oral sex. You"ll also find it easier to explore his G-Spot, the prostate gland.

  • Review

    The Super Sex Sling by Sheetsports was impressive.The sling provides a comfortable and diversifying sexual experience by allowing the wearer to adjust the straps to deepen penetration and leaves your hands free to do whatever you want with them. The Super Sex Sling is in a category of toys that you should definitely consider if you have overlooked it in the past.

    The sling consists of a neck pillow which attaches to two buckles via a sturdy nylon strap, each of which connect to an ankle cuffs. The neck cushion is a lot like the fabric on those blow-up neck pillows used for travelling, except this one is filled with soft cushioning. It doesnt chafe and with the pressure of your legs pulling on it, you will be extremely glad that it as cushioned as it is.

    The buckles really do release quickly, which allows the wearer the confidence and flexibility to easily adjust the straps for a different sensation. The strain is taken off your back and legs and you can hold onto the straps during play, or use your hands for other things.

    My impression of the company- promise of better penetration and G-spot stimulation is that it was incredibly accurate. According to my experiences, the sling really does increase the sensation of deeper penetration and I found that because of the elevated positioning of your hips, it allows your partner to more easily reach the G-spot than through conventional sex.

    Some might use a pillow to raise a woman hips, but this allows for more of a lift. After using the Super Sex Sling for the first time, I blanked on what it was like to have normal missionary position because I enjoyed it so much. It was liberating and really opens you up!

    A few suggestions for using this product:

    First, try it on following the directions. I didnt - and went through a brief-his isnt really working- phase before figuring it out. I know it probably isnt rocket science, but in the heat of the moment it is easy to get ahead of yourself. With an understanding partner, it doesnt really matter, but if you want to impress someone, I suggest you do a dry run.

    Second, strap it to your ankles -the Velcro can strap-on for a very firm hold, especially if you are thinking about vigorous intercourse. My inclination was to avoid it and just slip my feet in but I was pleased with the result when I strapped it on.

    Third, make sure that when you put it on, the nylon strap that is connected to the ankle cuff is located on the outside of your leg.

    One of the things that I was really impressed by, was the information that came along with the product. The Super Sex Sling comes with an instructional DVD featuring a lot of ways to use it. The only short fall, if I HAVE to come up with one is switch-able larger cuffs that can accommodate your thighs, as the current cuffs are definitely designed for your ankles. The Super Sex Sling provides a very unique deep sexual experience or an incredible oral experience through a simple, yet very comfortable, harness system.

    The Super Sex Sling is a great bang for your buck and is one of my top recommendations. I give it a 9.5/10.

    Submitted by Christian

    I lay completely splayed out and open on top of the blanket on the floor. The thick, curved cushion pressed gently into the back of my neck as my legs were held up in front of me. I felt the sweet, tugging edge of a stretch down my straightened hamstrings. I looked between the rolling shapes of my legs to see his eyes slide excitedly over my anxious, contorted body.

    The Super Sex Sling did effortlessly hold up my legs and lift my hips as promised. I tugged on the straps and folded myself in many yogic positions and angles without any exertion. I hung suspended in the restraints; my limbs did not fatigue. I was able to merely settle back into the neck cushion and twist myself up as long as we wanted.

    Head was blissful in the sling. I spread my legs out as wide as my hips would allow. I was completely receptive to his every lick; my body was presented for his every touch. I did not have to focus on holding my leg up or pressing my foot into his shoulder to tilt my hips. I could relax and only concentrate on the movements of his mouth.

    My partner plunged so much deeper into me at this alternate angle. Considering his size, I felt him press dangerously close to my cervix, but he was very careful not to hurt me. I only felt him fill me completely. With my legs wide, I felt more open, felt him deeper; with my legs up straight, I felt tighter, felt him pressing harder inside me.

    In these positions, his eyes were able to drink me in constantly. My body held itself and required no effort from him either. He was able to focus on fucking me and watching me enjoy it. The change in our proximity, his vigilant eyes excited me. I adjusted the straps, opening my legs wide then shifting them up along his shoulders, back and forth and all the variants in between. I felt the change in angles deep inside me and watched his sweet reactions shift.

    But missionary modifications were not enough to quench my experimentations. I do enough yoga to be more flexible than my instructor, so I felt compelled to use that ability with the new toy. The Super Sex Sling seemed made for it.

    I turned onto my side and shifted the neck cushion, moving its center to the side of my neck. I strapped in one ankle and pulled it straight up above my hip. I felt another gentle stretch wrap around my extended leg as my hip opened up. My partner straddled my other leg and entered me sideways and from above.

    The different approach, the divergent position brought my nerves to a screaming edge. His hands played at my lifted leg; he sunk his teeth into the flesh of my calf as he moved. I felt his balls rubbing against my inner thigh as he thrust deep into me. My leg hung unwaveringly up beside his head, yet I was completely comfortable. As contorted as I could get myself in the sling, I could lay back and enjoy orgasm after orgasm.

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