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Tongue Joy Oral Vibrator (Review-5stars)

Category: For Him or Her  | Cost: SGD ($) 99

The TongueJoy Oral Vibrator is a romantic, chrome plated, powerful, battery operated, micro massager that is perhaps the most intriguing and exciting gift you may every buy for that special someone. This patented, versatile massager may be used in as many ways as your imagination will allow, so let your imagination run wild! 

The TongueJoy can be worn on the tongue, fingers, toes or wherever using the included 3 sizes of hypoallergenic silicone bands. There is also a barbell accessory for those with pierced tongues. There are also colorful, textured silicone sleeves which add variety and comfort.

Please read this complete product instruction sheet before using any TongueJoy products. This information is both important and necessary to use your TongueJoy products both properly and safely.

Battery Installation for TongueJoy basic unit (see diagram also):
To install the two #393 watch batteries (available at any stores that sell watches, unscrew the battery housing end caps from both ends of the battery housing. Place the two batteries into each end of the battery housing as shown. Make sure the batteries are placed into the housing with the negative (-) side inward. The negative end is the smaller button end of the battery. The positive (+) end is the larger end. The positive, larger end faces outward. See the diagram. Now, screw the two battery end caps back onto the battery housing and fully tighten snugly both end caps onto the batteries

Battery Installation for TongueJoy Accessory:
Battery Installation for Turbo TongueJoy Accessory: Remove the back plate by sliding outward from your Turbo TongueJoy battery pack. Insert the two “AA” batteries with the flat end (negative end) of the battery against the spring of the battery pack. Batteries will lay opposite of each other when installed. Slide and snap plate back onto battery pack.

How to Turn On the TongueJoy basic unit and the TongueJoy battery pack:

Now that the batteries are correctly installed in either the TongueJoy basic unit or the Turbo TongueJoy battery pack, simply screw the TongueJoy Oral Vibrator body into the side hole of the battery housing or Turbo fitting. Fully tighten the vibrator body and the TongueJoy will begin to vibrate; simply loosen to turn off vibration. If the TongueJoy does not vibrate, check the battery installation and verify that both batteries are installed correctly. Also make sure that both battery end caps are fully tightened onto the batteries in the TongueJoy basic unit.

The Turbo battery pack has a power control slide switch. The slide switch has four positions: Off, Low, Medium and Full Power for your TongueJoy. If your TongueJoy does not begin to vibrate when screwed into the Turbo fitting, make sure you have slid the power control switch from Off to one of the three power settings.

With the Turbo accessory you have total TongueJoy power control. The Turbo really adds vibration power to the unit, you may want to use the included TongueJoy Silicone Sleeve with the Turbo to add comfort for those with sensitive teeth or dental work. The Turbo battery pack wire is very thin, flexible and somewhat fragile, therefore consider-able care should be taken when handling the Turbo battery pack wire especially where the wire enters the vibrator fitting and battery pack housing.

How to Use the TongueJoy :
Choose the elastic band that is most comfortable for you tongue; there are three sizes. Simply insert the TongueJoy vibrator body post through the hole in the elastic band you chose and screw the vibrator body into the battery housing or Turbo fitting. Tighten the vibrator body to start the vibrations. Slide the elastic band with the TongueJoy onto your tongue. Slide the elastic band and TongueJoy using your fingers as far back on your tongue as is comfortable. The TongueJoy is now ready for use. When using the Turbo, you may want to use the included TongueJoy Silicone Sleeve on the vibrator body to add comfort and texture.

If your tongue is pierced, use the optional custom TongueJoy barbell to hold the TongueJoy. Simply slip the TongueJoypost through the hole in the TongueJoy barbell. Insert TongueJoy barbell through your pierced tongue. Tighten the vibrator body to start the vibrations. You are now ready for fun! Whether using the elastic band or the barbell, the TongueJoy and your tongue will give a tingling pleasure. But don"t stop there! The TongueJoy can be attached to a finger, toe, or any body parts using the included different size elastic bands. The TongueJoy can be directed any way you can imagine.


What is the TongueJoy?

The TongueJoy is a romantic micro massager. Its uses are only limited by your imagination.

Is the TongueJoy legal in all states?

While we do not profess to be lawyers, the TongueJoy is not an "adult" or "sex" product. The TongueJoy is a micro massager that can be used in a variety of ways, just like any multi-use massager can be used in a variety of ways. The TongueJoy"s uses are only limited by your own imagination.

Can the TongueJoy shock me?

The TongueJoy uses low voltage DC batteries and presents no danger of electrical shock.

How do I use a TongueJoy?

The TongueJoy is attached to the tongue with silicone elastic bands or using our TongueJoy custom barbell attachment for pierced tongues. Also the TongueJoy can be attached to a finger, toe or other body parts using the different sized elastic bands.

What if I want a more powerful vibration?

We offer a Turbo TongueJoy attachment which uses two "AA" batteries in an external pack and doubles your vibration power.

How is it powered?

The TongueJoy is powered by two #393 watch batteries. The Turbo TongueJoy uses two "AA" batteries in its remote wired battery pack. Both the TongueJoy and Turbo TongueJoy come with one set of batteries included. The batteries are readily available in drug,grocery and department stores.

How long do the batteries last?

TongueJoy uses two 393 watch batteries. We use this type of battery because it is the smallest battery which will power a vibrator motor properly. The Turbo TongueJoy attachment uses two standard "AA" batteries in an external pack. The life of these batteries vary based on use and brand.

How do I care for a TongueJoy?

Clean your Tongue Joy after use with a damp cloth. If you wish to sanitize the Tongue Joy, use a cotton ball and Isopropyl Alcohol.

Are there any precautions I should be aware of?

While the low voltage batteries present no danger of electrical shock, they are not suitable for ingestion, eating or swallowing. Consult a physician if you swallow the batteries or any portion of the Tongue Joy. There is a choking hazard associated with any small object placed in your mouth. Due to this potential choking hazard, care should be taken while using this product, and the TongueJoy should not be used while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The TongueJoy is made of metal, therefore keep the vibrator away from your teeth or other dental appliances (like retainers or dentures) so as to avoid any damage or chipping to your teeth or dental appliance due to the vibrator. The TongueJoy silicone sleeves (see accessories) can be used to increase comfort for people with sensitive teeth or dental work.

Does the TongueJoy only work on the tongue?

This vibrating body jewelry, whether using the elastic band or the barbell, will give a tingling pleasure to any part of your partner"s body that you choose to touch. But don"t stop there! The TongueJoy can be attached to a finger, toe or any other body part using the included different size elastic bands. The TongueJoy can be worn and directed any way you can imagine.

I can"t believe that something so small, feels so good!"
Margaret, Austin, TX

"We had such a blast using the Tongue Joy, that we had to try the Turbo Tongue Joy. Unbelievable! It took us somewhere we"d never been before."
Judy and Russ, Scottsdale, AZ

"Now she never has a headache!"
Tim, Houston, TX

"Using the barbell, the TongueJoy stays snug on our pierced tongues. The control and feeling is amazing!"
Gail and Will, Honolulu, HI

"My husband and I had never used anything like this. Wow, what a turn on. After sixteen years of marriage, things had gotten routine. Now we both look forward to our bedtime. Thanks, Tongue Joy!"
Patricia and Don, Irvine, CA

"This is the only oral vibrator I have ever heard of; she loves it, it"s totally awesome! Now it"s her favorite piece of jewelry!"
Chuck, Brooklyn, NY


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