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Fleshlight Pink Lady Vortex (Brand New Packaging )- OUT OF STOCK

Category: Masturbator/Fleshlight/Full Range Avail/Best Price

Fleshlight Pink Lady Vortex with Black Case
The ALL NEW Vortex insert is part of a new class of sleeve that varies in both canal size and texture. With its four spiraling chambers, the Vortex will bring you to dizzying heights of pleasure!
Over a year in development, this insert was designed to create a mesmerizing combination of suction, texture, and an unforgettable squeeze as you pass through each pleasure chamber.

Already ranked as one of our most enjoyable inserts, whether you are an experienced user or new to Fleshlight, the Vortex will blow you away! 

Internal diameter of canal varies from 1/4 inch - 3/4 inch

Length: 10 inches

Diameter: 4 inches to 2.5 inches.


Customer Reviews of the Vortex Insert Sleeve.

"10 minutes rolls around, and my impatient ass said "screw it" and took her out of the hot water and put her in one of my lia19 cases. grabbed my lube, some pillows, and jumped on my bed. i put the fl in between a bunch of pillows, lubed her lips up, and enteredohh...myyy...godddd!! the texture starts as soon as u enter! The sensations the vortex gives you are somewhat indescribable but ill try. mind you, i still didn"t know what the texture even looked like at all. So for a few minutes, i altered my speed and angle and thrusts to try and figure out what this texture was. Well, to my dick, it felt like i was thrusting into a spongy squishy brainlike thinggg (gotta love the adjectives but thats what i felt). i felt a spiraling sensation, but every 2 inches or so it got tighter, than looser, then tighter. almost rippling in a way.

I kept going for about a half hour, and during the time, the pleasure i was receiving was amazing. it kept me on the edge most of the time, but i wasn"t on the verge of cumming where i had to stop. i just enjoyed the ride for a while. In a way, the sensation is a combination of the wonderwave, speedbump, and superribbed in that it builds the pleasure sensation, but then it will give u random bursts of pleasure, but it also keeps you on the edge like the superribbed. Once you try it, i hope you see what I mean in that its somewhat hard to describe. there really is no set pattern of pleasure that leads you to orgasm. finally after the half hour was over, i was ready to finish. and boy oh boy, the climax is phenomenal. it doesnt give you the painful almost too powerful orgasm, but it left me with an intense and completely satisfied feeling afterwards. I definitely give it a two thumbs up!"

Just Curious 80*, August 13, 2008 / 2:58 PM

"The Vortex. What is it? A very pleasurable yet surprisingly intense insert. What does it look like? Well, like a vortex. Similar to a spiral staircase, in fact.

Upon insertion into the Lady orifice (all orifices will be available, no doubt), the feeling was reminiscent to the Wonder Wave, at first. But there was a slight tingle. Not at all ticklish or painful, just surprising, in a very good way. The texture provides sensation all throughout, but you seem to feel it a little more on the glans than anywhere else.

Each stroke feels as though you were pumping up & down/forward & back, but also twisting it around as well. In terms of intensity, it"s on a higher level than the Wonder Wave. I found myself edging fairly often, so I could thoroughly continue my "testing." But in terms of pleasurableness, it"s every bit as satisfying as the Wonder Wave, if not more.

When it comes to lube retention, it holds up pretty well. I found myself reapplying lube or adding droplets of water a bit more often than I"m used to with my Lia19 and such, but it wasn"t bothersome and didn"t really interfere with the FLights overall.

A true Fleshlight experience wouldn"t be complete without the cleanup. After a quick rinse and shaking off some water, I set my Vortex insert on a cloth to air dry. I was surprised when it felt almost entirely dry after about 40 minutes, something the Wonder Wave seems to take longer in doing.

To those of you who skip to the end of a review and look for the "bottom line" on something, this is that part.
You won"t regret purchasing the Vortex. It"s a perfect balance of intensity and overall pleasure.

Get sucked into the Vortex."

*Funky Flesh*, August 13, 2008 / 3:41 PM

The texture is a vast departure from any previous design. Not so much in the regard of it"s changing texture direction, yet in that of taking one more giant step toward developing the ultimate male sex toy. The alternating textures and diameters clever. Not so close you"d think the sensation would be lost due to too often a change, yet not so far apart the user is left waiting......and as with all ILF Fleshlight inserts the varied size of mens cocks has been taken into account so no one gets left out.

In kind, though one might believe the alternating diameters which do not "seem" to be concentric (as in being offset) would make for a less real experience, I personally believe it makes for a more realistic texture, in that no matter the entry on a woman or man, none of those are straight tubes either............Very well done and all of it very clever, this by far the most advanced insert to date...

K2 Kelly - August 20, 2008 / 3:30 Pm

"If I could only use one word to best describe the Vortex, it would have to be PLEASURE! Because no other word can produce a picture in your mind that gives you a quick look into the PLEASURE that the sensations of the vortex does to my dick. Words like awesome, amazing or even orgasmic can"t describe the feelings I get when using this Pleasure Producing pussy! It definitely deserves the name Vortex, Because when I"m releasing all my sexual urges and tension into it i.e. having a damn good time!, its like sticking my cock into a Vortex of pure bliss.

Or like I said in my mind at the time "My dicks gone to heaven and left me behind!" I never thought I"d see the day ILF beat my beloved STU, but I think they"ve done it with this little piece of paradise. And for me to say that it has to be damn gooooood. I"ve had my Pink Lady Vortex for a week now and have enjoyed it 4 times in that short space of time, this beauty really drains ya.
The best bit is that it seems to get better each time I use it, with todays FLight being the best yet. Which also convinced me that its better than the STU and in turn made me want to share this with you guys and gals. As I mentioned its hard to describe the feeling of this texture without saying pleasure and just repeating yourself over and over but I"ll do my best.
The continuous differences in canal size makes it feel like your pushing through vaginal muscle/tissue which not only feels very good but also very realistic. Add that perfectly twirling texture, not too rough but stimulating enough, equals the most realistic and enjoyable sex toy I"ve ever used in my life. Its just like sticking your dick into a young, horny and very wet lass. 
Overall its like having your very own pussy for whenever your in the mood. Simple and innocent pleasure! P.S. Make sure you try it with different hands-free postions (adds to the realism and pleasure). I"ve become a master with these and will make a thread with pics when I get the time, keep a look out for it!"

Chrisisking - September 22, 2008 / 12:27 Pm

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