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Diem Oil Penis Enhancement (Review 5Stars)(Retail Popular Enchancement Oil)

Category: For Him  | Cost: SGD ($) 49

DIEM-Duroil Inner Energy Massage

Good blood circulation is vital for healthy living. Unfortunately, normal aging and a variety of causes lead to poor and bad blood circulation. Bad blood circulation leads to poor health and reduced quality of life. Start living life the way YOU WANT!?

Various common ailments is aggravated by poor blood circulation or circulatory disorders. Why continue to suffer from these ailments when you can "fix-it". Improve blood circulation for legs, hands and feet and get rid of these common ailments without the need for extensive massage.

Take time to discover DIEM OIL, a proven all-natural massage oil that helps you effectively increase blood circulation?

DIEM Oil for Better Blood Circulation! Proven Massage oil for men

DIEM Oil is commonly used as a massage oil for the temporary relief of muscle aches and sore muscle joints. Modern day ailments like Stress can cause the following symptoms fatigue, faintness, pain, loss of energy, the feeling of anguish, insomnia, irritability, and the feeling of a nervous breakdown.
DIEM"s Oil special formulation will improve your blood circulation problems instantly
DIEM Oil is a sweet, masculine blend of botanicals and herbs infused with enzymes of Hirudo Medicinalis and is scented with the masculine scent of Ylang-ylang. DIEM Oil is a dark-rich consistency oil and provides superior slip during massage. The synergy of natural oils and botanicals effectively soften and conditions the skin, at the same time effectively, increase blood flow and removes poor blood circulation.
DIEM Oil is formulated as a PREMIUM therapeutic massage oil for penile enlargement. DIEM Oil contains a fusion of aphrodisiac herbs and spices, natural oils that has been formulated to seriously increase blood circulation. DIEM Oil is applied topically and is effective to naturally enhance erection, size and beat pre-mature ejaculation.
Hirudo Medicinalis have the same action or react as needles on acupunture points. In massage, acupunture points are termed as acupressure points. In addition, Hirudo Medicinalis coupled with natural oils, can either have a tonic or relaxing action. The Hirudo Medicinalis enzyme promotes effective circulation and enhances the "natural action" of the natural oils.

Plant extracts have been used for their healing properties for centuries. Today, the popularity of Aromatheraphy as health and relaxation aids has increased. It is believed that plant extracts in oils can improve relaxation and general health by way of direct application. Also, many believe that aromatheraphy helps defuse mental and emotional stress, through the enjoyment of beautiful and natural scents.

Medicinal Leech or Hirudo Medicinalis, is used by modern doctors as part of their medical treatment for skin grafts and burns. In fact, the enzymes of Hirudo Medicinalis is used as an anticoagulant which has helped many heal quicker and faster.

Coconut Oil or Cocoa Nucifera, is used in the tropics as a massage oil as is proven to leave the skin soft and supple.

Ginger or Zingiberis Officinale, is well known for its analgesic and antispasmodic properties. Ginger is used for the muscular aches, lethargy and helps alleviate poor circulation.

Candlenut or Aleurites Moluccana, it"s oil is proven to alleviate joint pains. Candlenut oil also soothes irritated, sunburned, or burned skin.

Pepper or Piper Nigrum, is well known for its reputed warming and aphrodisiac effects and is used by many Aromatherapy practioners to alleviate or reduce particular symptoms of impotence and sexual disharmony.

Ginger or Zingiber officinale reduces muscles aches, lethargy and poor circulation.

Ylang-ylang or Cananga odorata acts an antidepressant, lowers blood pressure and generally act as a nervous sedative. The psychological effect of Ylang-ylang is to soothe troubled minds and spirits, taking away performance pressures by calming the mind and lowering blood pressure and act as a natural nervous sedative.

Hirudo medicinalis extract

- Antibiotic 
-Antithrombotic and Thrombolytic 
-Anti Inflammatory

Ginger extract - Zingiberis officinale 

-Anti Inflammatory  
-Anti Emetic  
-Cholesterol lowering  

Candlenut extract - Aleurites moluccana

-Anti Inflammatory
-Anti cancerous

Pepper extract - Piper nigrum

Ylang-ylang extract - Cananga odorata

Coconut oil - Cocoa Nucifera
-Skin softening



Sometimes, when you suffer from common ailments that restricts movement in your hands, legs and feet, a simple massage is all that is needed to ease and relief the tension. However, sometimes the blood circulation problem is due to other factors related to restricted blood flow especially in the veins.

The active ingredient in DIEM Oil is the extract of Hirudo Medicinalis or Medicinal Leech has the ability to act as an ANTICOAGULANT.

The secretory component of Hirudo Medicinalis contains powerful anticoagulant properties that promote blood flow in tissue. Combined with the other active indredients such as Aleurite Moluccana and Cocoa Nucifera, the Oil acts to soften the skin and give it an extraordinarily flexible texture which will also aid in better blood circulation or flow.

Improve Male Sexual Performance

DIEM Oil is a concentrated liquid topical preparation containing a proprietary blend of natural oils and selected herbal extracts. Its formulation is derived from the original recipe which has been traditionally proven to improve male sexual performance by enhancing penile erection, alleviating premature ejaculation and increasing penile size.


Experience GENUINE Penile enlargement without surgery, implant or pain!

It has been tested safe and is proven to increase blood circulation via topical application. DIEM Oil, the All Natural Penile Enlargement Oil:

  • Permanent penile enlargement -enlargement up to 3 inches in weeks
  • Thicken your penis -Increase the girth (width) of your penis
  • Get more powerful erections -Increased turgidity, Rock Hard Erections
  • Beat premature ejaculation

- DIEM Oil is traditionally used not only to enhance sexual performance in healthy men but also in the treatment of sexual problems such as:
  • Erectile Dysfunction and
  • Premature Ejaculation

DIEM Oil works independently without the need for physical penile extenders. Penile size is improved by the daily use of DIEM Oil with a simple yet effective penile enlargement massage technique. DIEM Duroil has developed a unique fusion penis massage technique for immediate penile extension or enlargement. Enlargement results from penile enlargement exercises like Jelqing is enhanced. Instead of waiting - DIEM Oil can immediate improve your all natural penile erection enhancement efforts in less time.

DIEM Oil is EXTRA potent as it contains active extracts of powerful aphrodisiacs infused in a Good Manufacturing Practice Production Facility registered with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Daily application of DIEM Oil is proven to improve penile health resolving genuine penis health issues like erectile dysfunction and pre-mature ejaculation.
How to use Diem Oil:
For Relaxing Body Massage & Relief of Muscle and Joint Aches.
Apply DIEM Oil where necessary to improve BLOOD CIRCULATION. Focus on specific areas, if you have sore joints or aching muscles. Gently rub DIEM Oil onto the affected area and leave to dry.
For Erection Enhancement
Massage 10 to 20 drops of DIEM Oil onto the penis before leaving it to dry, once in the morning and once in the evening.
Massage the penis gently in an outward motion, repeating the sequence in a number of sets.

For Natural Penis Enlargement
Wrap your penis with a warm damp cloth. Dry your penis and massage between 5 and 10 drops of DIEM Oil onto the penis before leaving it to dry, once in the morning and once in the evening. Massage the penis gently using the JELQING technique. Reapply if required.

For Erection Problems
For best results, it is recommended that DIEM Oil be applied as stated above for a period of 6 weeks while strictly following the recommended massage regimen and abstinences.

For Premature Ejaculation
For best results, it is recommended that DIEM Oil be applied twice daily for a period of not less than 4 weeks. Massage DIEM Oil in an outward manner or direction - ensuring that DIEM Oil is applied over the entire penis.

For Jelqing
Wrap your penis with a warm damp cloth. Dry your penis and massage between 5 and 10 drops of DIEM Oil onto the penis before leaving it to dry, once in the morning and once in the evening. Massage the penis gently using the JELQING technique. Reapply if required.
For Use with Vacuum Erection Devices
Start by massaging between 5 to 10 drops of DIEM Oil per session onto the penis and making it semi-erect. For best results, use the penis pump in 5 minute cycles, checking as you proceed to ensure you do not overdo it.
How to apply DIEM Duroil for Penis Enlargement

NOTE: This is a simplified guide.

1. Apply a small amount of DIEM Oil (about 5-8 drops) onto the palm of your hand.

2. Apply DIEM Oil along the shaft of the penis.

3. Massage gently using your thumb in an outward manner - away from the body.

4. Gently and Slowly tug and pull on the penis - pull away from the body then hold for 8 seconds.

5. Repeat for 20 times.

6. Re-apply oil when necessary.

7. Apply between 3-5 drops of DIEM Oil onto the base of the penis.

8. Using your THUMB gently massage the base and its surrounding area (Refer to Image 1 below)

9. Repeat Steps 1-6

Below is more traditional massage technique.


For best results, it is recommended that DIEM Oil be applied in this manner for a period of 6 weeks while strictly following the recommended massage regimen and abstinences.
A detailed instruction will be given upon purchase.


Mechanism of Action - In the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

DIEM Oil restores penile erection by acting as vasodilators, leading to increased blood flow to the penis and erectile tissues. This effect is evident from the first application and many users have reported the ability to maintain an erection even after ejaculation. In cases where Erectile Dysfunction is associated with stress and anxiety due to perception of inadequate penile size, DIEM Oil has been shown to alleviate the problem by increasing penile size in both flaccid and erect states.

Mechanism of Action - In the treatment of Premature Ejaculation

Due to its mild anaesthetic and calming properties, DIEM Oil is able to increase the latent period between onset of penile erection and ejaculation in men suffering from Premature Ejaculation.
Good And Safe Manufacturing Practice
DIEM Products is guaranteed as all safe, natural and contains no drugs. Diem Products is formulated  from Natural botanicals, herbs or spices, synthetic fragrances, petroleum derivatives or harmful chemicals and has been tested for safety by an Internationally Recognized Lab, in Malaysia.
The production of DIEM is done in a controlled laboratory environment to ensure the highest quality natural oils. Only the purest herbs and botanicals are used in producing DIEM.
DIEM Oil is produced in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified manufacturing facility registered with the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia an agency similar to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA.

Following extensive product testing and evaluation of the manufacturing processes, DIEM Oil has been awarded the Certificate of Free Sales (CFS) which made the product eligible for export.

DIEM Oil has also passed metal and microbiological contamination tests conducted by SIRIM QAS International laboratories and conforms to the requirements of the National Pharmaceuticals Control Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Special Medical Considerations:
  • DIEM Oil should be used with caution by men who are allergic to its principal active ingredients.
  • To avoid damaging potentially fragile blood vessels, diabetic patients should exercise care when using DIEM Oil in combination with vigorous massage techniques involving all extremities including the penis.
  • Men diagnosed with hypertension and migraine headaches should also consult their doctors prior to using DIEM Oil to assess suitability.

Interactions - DIEM Oil is not known to cause adverse effects when used with other treatments for sexual dysfunction. It has however been reported to enhance their effectiveness in a complementary manner.

Adverse Side Effects - When used according to proper directions, DIEM Oil. DIEM Oil has not been shown to exhibit any undesirable side effects.
Overdose Treatment
  • Ingestion of DIEM Oil may result in nausea and vomiting.
  • To avoid aspiration, gastric lavage or induced emesis should not be performed. Use general supportive measures and appropriate routine overdose management.
  • Patients in whom intentional overdose is confirmed or suspected should be referred for psychiatric consultation.
  • For more information on the management of overdose or unintentional ingestion, contact the nearest Poison Information Center or hospital.
Packaging and storage:

Available in 30ml Diem Oil (Travel size) and 60ml Duroil (torso shaped) containers.
Store below 25 degree C (77 F), in a well-closed container.
Protect from extremes of temperature
Pls visit our Duroil page(under Penis enhancement Product category) for more Information and Medical details.
Customer Reviews
DIEM Oil is truly remarkable. Here was my problem - I noticed that my penis shrank as my waist grew!

I have a waist of 44 inches and in recent years, my penis although hard appeared shorter. I was able to recover the extra inches that I lost due to Obesity by using DIEM Oil along with the simple massage technique.

I am happy that Duroil has helped me recovered the inches and more!

Lance G. - USA

Duroil enlargement program is genuine - not only did I get the extra length - it also solved my Premature Ejaculation problem - A real boost to my sexual performance. I have just re-ordered!

Clive A, London, UK

I started using Duroil and got immediate results.The video instructions were simple to follow. I gained an extra inch after two days of using Duroil. I have just reordered, I should have order more to benefit from the flat rate shipping Duroil offers. Thank you - Duroil!

Rajiv M, Mumbai, India
I experimented with Jelqing and found its results less than exciting. I purchased Duroil in late February 2009 and replaced the baby oil I was using for Jelqing with Duroil. Duroil really is different.

I visually saw the growth and most importantly, the growth stayed longer. The instructions provided by Duroil is simple to execute. Now even if I am not able to Jelq, the size and girth stays.
Alex Smith, Colorado, USA
Duroil is different! It helps, I have used other products but Duroil is the only product that really worked! The exercises are simple to follow and execute. I visibly saw the size difference in 20 minutes. I could feel more improvements within the first 7 days of use. Now the exercises are just part of my daily routine.
Keith Francis, California, USA
I had problems with premature ejaculation. After starting the Duroil Inner Energy Massage regime, I found that I had better confidence and had seen growth in my penis. I had an incredible hour-long session with my partner. Even after I ejaculated, my penis continued to remain hard and strong. I attribute the extra growth and strength of my penis to Duroil. Thank you...
Ken Tay, Washington, USA

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