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Zeus Deluxe Digital Power Box (Newly Restocked Sale on Jul 20)

Category: ElectroSex Gear/Zeus/Folsom Premium Brands  | Cost: SGD ($) 153


Zeus Deluxe Digital Power Box

What is Electrosex?

Electrosex or E-Stim, is a sexually stimulating activity that utilizes electrical energy. By applying a safe level of power, electrosex toys send orchestrated pulses of energy into your body and genitals. This brings you heightened levels of sensation, pleasure and even orgasm. When you supply the right electrical signals to the body"s nerves, the recipient can feel some amazingly erotic sensations.

You might feel different sensations like throbs, tickles, strokes, waves, flutters and squeezes. Send these signals to various parts of the body such as the clitoris, pussy lips, anus, prostate, cock or balls. A guy can generate climbing waves of pleasure and blow his load without ever touching himself. A woman can set up an electro-dildo to pulsate and throb like she"s being fucked. Electrosex takes experimentation, timing and some practice, but this is why it"s so exciting.

What to Buy?

There are 2 major components when it comes to creating your electrosex experience. You will need to get an Electrical Unit and Accessories.

-Electrical Unit: The Electrical unit is typically battery powered and is what creates the electricity. From the unit you control the intensity and type of sensation that you feel.

-Accessories: The beauty of E-stim is that there are so many different ways to apply it to the body. The accessories are the toys that you"ll be using to pleasure yourself or others. Once you know what type of electrical unit you want, choosing the right accessory is fun and easy. Browse our selection of toys and see what appeals to you. For example, if you want to give your asshole a wild ride, then choose an Electro Stainless Steel Anal Dildo, they are intense!

Deluxe Digital Power Box

The Deluxe Digital Power Box is a great toy for beginners. It features two channels with adjustable intensity, seven preset routines, a timer, and a digital display. It has plenty of power, enough for even the most intense user. The complex preset routines really make it stand out, as they offer very unique sensations.

It comes with two snap clip leads and four extra large adhesive pads. It"s also compatible with any of our bipolar accessories. Just pop them out of the box and hook them up for new and exciting sensations.
We like the design of the control unit, the new digital display and the intensity this unit provides. It works directly with Zeus and Rimba accessories.

Digital Power Box Set Includes:
Digital power box
4 Premium adhesive pads (sets of 2)
2 Lead wires
3 AAA Batteries
Digital Power Box Features:

2 Channels
7 Pre-programmed Modes
16 Intensity Levels
Compatible with many other accessories, see below for examples (adapter may be required)
Frequency 1-100hz
Time Display so you can select time of use
Auto feature: will sequentially pleasure you with all 7 modes over 20 minutes
Digital LCD Screen
Intensity Bar shown on LCD Display
Additional Option:
Blue penis bands can be purchased separately. When used in electrosex, you can send a charge from one band to the other causing a stimulating current for the recipient. The bands can be placed on different areas of the cock and balls causing a different experience each time. They also have the added benefit of becoming a cock ring, when you wrap one of the bands around your cock and balls.

Caution: We advise you not to use e-stim devices above the waist as dictated in most electro sex guides. People with heart conditions should not use this product.
How to have a Hands Free Orgasm
First you need an electrosex power box. We recommend the  Digital Deluxe Powerbox as a great unit to start with. There are many electro-stim attachments that can be used but for starters I recommend the electro cock-ring and electro ring for the shaft and/head of the dick.
Once all the attachments are in place, then the person can start increasing the current slowly and play with the adjustment. Persons that are doing this for the first-time will need to relax and to find the setting that feels good to them.

It"s also noted that it"s best to not have sex or jerk off for about 2-5 days before doing electro, especially for the first-time. Most guys doing it the first-time will not cum hands free. I think it"s because they need to learn how to relax and not jerk off or have sex for several days. Those guys that do have experience with electro-stimulation will feel the tingling in their dick.
Depending on what setting the person chooses, the feeling can be different for each person. It can feel like a million ants running up and down their dick or like a million pin picks and everything in between...it all depends upon the sensation they enjoy.
I found to start the electro device on a setting that teases the person. The person"s dick will become hard and erect and throbbing at one point...by teasing the cock, it will become more sensitive and the person will be in complete ecstasy. By increasing the electro current, frequency, and pulse, the feeling becomes even more intense for the individual and their cock becomes rock hard. In many cases, pre-cum will develop as the cock throbs.
At this point the person is in a state of extreme pleasure and feels as if they want to cum but can"t. The device is doing its job by teasing and controlling the individual.
By adjusting the frequency knobs and the pulse...the individual will feel as if they are being jerked off or they will have a feeling that fingers are being pulsed up and down the shaft of the cock or in some cases, depending on the cock, the person will feel a direct intense/tease on the underside of the dickhead (corona) called the frenulum. The frenulum is the most sensitive part of the guys dick and the electro can feel like a tingling feeling that teases that part of the dick and it can be very erotic to the male being e-stimed.  
As the electro continues and the person is in sexual nirvana and if the person hasn"t cum or have sex or jerked off in a few days they will have the most intense orgasm and shoot there load hands-free. For those guys doing it the first-time it may take longer or may need to find the right setting but they should never give up and give it a few times. It can take up to 3-4 tries before the person can have a hands-free orgasm but once the person achieves there first orgasm with electro, then every time they do electro, they will continue having a hands-free orgasm.
Many guys also like to try different settings but also try different attachments. Another great configuration is using the electro-butt plug. This is another way to achieve an intense orgasm. Once the butt-plug is securely inside the anus, the person increases the electro and the butt-plug actually feels as if they are getting fucked. The higher the electro the harder the fuck.
There are different anal attachments so you can find a prostrate electro stimulator that will electrostim your prostrate and that will induce an orgasm even greater than just the cock attachments (in my opinion). I have seen lots of guys use the electro-butt plug or the electro-prostrate attachments in conjunction with the the electro cockring or the electro penile shaft.
You get the feeling someone is fucking you along with the sensation that someone is teasing your dick. Again, if you don"t cum for 2-4 days, you will achieve a real intense hands free orgasm.
Disclaimer: U4RIA sells these products as novelty toys only and is not responsible for damages due to use or misuse.



This thing ROCKS! I got it, tried it out at home a few times and loved it. All the different settings are awesome for variety--it"s like experiencing several different people"s styles of giving blow jobs. The orgasms this thing gives you are POWERFUL, to the point you almost lose your mind. It stimulates the nerves directly, which is amazing.
But the best part is this thing is PORTABLE! I just got back from trying it out in public. I put on a couple of accessories, put on my mesh athletic shorts over that, and put the zeus power box in my pocket (just pull the cord out over the waist band and tuck into the same pocket with the power box).
I went to the local supermarket with it on. WOW. It was amazing to be walking around in the super market amongst lots of people who had no clue I was being stimulated the whole time. They could probably see my dick was hard under those mesh shorts, but they had no idea why and no idea that my dick and balls were being stimulated intensively. I had to reach into my pocket and turn down the level once because I was close to orgasming and wasn"t any where close to an exit.
Just before I went to the checkout line, I reached in my pocket, turned it back up, and a few minutes later managed to orgasm while I was waiting for the lady to finish scanning my groceries, which I didn"t really plan on. It was however one of the best orgasms ever! It was due to the awesome stimulation of this zeus box and due to having to keep a straight face and act like nothing happened while there were people around me.
I don"t know if anyone saw the cum (commando in mesh shorts, remember?) or could tell I orgasmed, but this will not be the last time I take this awesome powertool out for a ride.
-Submitted by Ryan Woods.
Great unit I have had mine for several months now and its still a WOW sensation if you use it analy for 20 min 3-5 times over a 3 hour period for 3-4 days I have found you can get residual feelings 1-2 days later it feels like your still stimed only much less intence very nice stimuli while your out and just sitting there when your dick just starts tingling.
-Submitted by Anonymous
This thing is the best. Place one band behind the corona and an anal probe and you will get the most intense sensations ever. I can wear this all day. Put the controller in your pocket and you can turn it on or off throughout the day. No one will know why you have that smile on your face. It"s perfect.
-Submitted by  Brian Rich
I just got this today and all I have to say is, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went trough two 15 minute sessions getting a feel for all the modes. I must admit, some of the intensity of the various modes can catch you off guard, but once you get used to it will blow your mind, and your wad.

5 minutes into the second 15 minute session I upped the strength and the intensity and 2 great hands free orgasms.
-Submitted by Elexis Lane
We have become quite the fans of the  Deluxe Power Box. I have now combined using the Power Box on my wife and the Ersocilator at the same time. She cums just like when she was in her 20"s. Many orgasms and each one harder than the previous. She has used it on me and I have cum. We are up to level 4 of 16 and it is incredible so far.

-Submitted by Anonymous Couple
We tried the  digital box yesterday. It was incredible. It will take us some time to fully use the box and take the different levels and types of sensations. We thought you would cum the first time it was used but were wrong. You need to get used to the different ways it works first. One nice thing is both people can be attached to the unit at the same time. I was attached with the blue penis bands and my wife had one of the clamps on each pussy lip. (The clamps stay on tightly but are very comfortable)
We both began to receive the shocks and by both receiving at the same time it produced an erotic atmosphere. We actually stayed on the box for 10 minutes on massage and level 2 intensity. After we disconnected I used the Ersolator on her and she came harder than she has in a long time. She then jerked me off and I came very hard.
We sometimes like to play BDSM, me the sub, her the dom. She said she plans to tie me down and hook me up, experimenting with each of the settings and intensities.
-Submitted by Don and Dawn

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