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Aneros Vice

Category: Boy Toy/Aneros Male P-Spot Prostate Massager  | Cost: SGD ($) 270
The Aneros VICE is the first product release in the Aneros new V series (V for vibration) line. The VICE demonstrates all of the characteristics that have established Aneros reputation in the past: style, innovation and quality and raises the bar significantly higher in each of these areas.
At first glance the profile of the VICE may seem familiar to some, roughly like that of a Progasm. Indeed the two are of similar form and dimension overall, but in the area of prostate massage, subtle variations in size, shape and contour make all the difference. The difference between responsiveness vs. sluggishness and focused vs. more diffuse stimulation for example.
The specifications on the VICE are as follows. (These measurements were made using digital calipers and are shown alongside the specifications of Progasm for comparison).

VICE / Progasm

Overall length 4.75" 4.75"

Tip (width) 1.30" 1.20"

Tip (thickness) 1.15" 1.25"

Midsection (width) 1.27" 1.30"

Midsection (thickness) 1.23" 1.03"

Base (width) .985" .72"

Base (thickness) .67" .52"

Vibrator 4" X .5"


As the specs make clear, the VICE is larger in some areas and smaller in others vs. the Progasm. What these numbers don"t adequately illustrate is the difference in conformation between the two models.
For that matter neither do any of the images shown on the website thus far. When examining the two models side-by-side one can see that the VICE tilts ever so slightly backwards (towards the K-tab) while the Progasm appears nearly upright by comparison.
Most of this occurs at the midsection, which is contoured differently than the Progasm. The P and K tabs on the VICE are also different with far thicker arms with a slightly different angle of engagement.

The VICE is the first Aneros model made of silicone which gives this device a completely different feel from anything else in the product line. This new material affords the product with a give that none of the other massagers have; yet it is rigid where it needs to be. The vibrator that comes with the VICE is a true engineering marvel.
Made of stainless steel and measuring in at 4 inches long and a half an inch in diameter, it is a slender cylindrical torpedo shaped unit designed to slip up through the center of the massager.
One look at this vibrator will tell you that this is a high quality, precision-made piece of gear rarely seen in adult appliances. What appears to be one unit is actually 3 parts, a tip, midsection and cap. In fact I only became aware of this after I was told about it, the tolerances between the sections are that small!
The end cap serves dual functions as access for the battery compartment (1 AAA) and power/control button.
The vibrator is a surprisingly powerful yet relatively quiet unit that features 9 vibration settings :
1) Constant: Low-Medium-Hi
2) Wave: Low-Medium-Hi
3) Pulsating: Low-Medium-Hi

The device is turned on or off by holding the button down for two seconds. Once on, you can cycle through the patterns by a short push of the button.

My initial explorations with the device were made without the vibrator. First off, the matte silicone finish of the VICE is soft, silky and sensuous to the touch; it seems to beckon you to take it in! And taking it in is easier and far more pleasant owing to this material.
Upon insertion all of the subtle conformational differences in this unit are immediately apparent. I have to say that this product is the nearest thing to a custom fit that I have ever encountered. It seemed like it was made for me!
The prostate engagement is focused but has gentleness to it as well, almost as if ones prostate is being firmly nudged and cradled as one contracts and releases. The response is firm and immediate though I"d say a little slower than the Progasm given that it is less rigid.
The feel of the silicone is positively delicious! The give factor of the silicone also opens up several very unique possibilities as well.


Although I have generally encouraged more passive uses of Aneros products (employing contractions alone), I found that the VICE could be used more actively in several ways.
One method involved lying on my back on a bed with knees bent. By simply moving my pelvis from side to side in this position I could affect the movement of the VICE inside my rectum. I would never advise this with one of the other Aneros models (too pokey and of questionable safety), but with the VICE, guys, I got to tell you, it feels marvelous!
The tip of the VICE moves from one lobe of the prostate to the other providing delightful sensations all along the way. I"ve experienced numerous Super O"s and several near hands free orgasms by this method. I would attribute this to two things, first, the softer material, and second, the VICE is almost a quarter of an inch larger in thickness.


Thrusting produces direct and more intense stimulation and can be used in combination with the WIGGLE. Again this is something that is not comfortable (and inadvisable) with one of the more rigid units.


The VICE is the first Aneros model that can be used comfortably for sitting on.
Putting matters of safety aside, the rigid models make this nearly impossible with their hard P and K tabs (ouch!). Sitting on the VICE is a blast, the stimulation is exquisite, and I actually found myself grinding down onto the P and K tabs. Of the latter, I was able to affect a different kind of orgasm from the stimulation to the K-spot.
No need to modify the device in the least, it"s ready to go right out of the box. Guys, I tell you I sat there grinding and gyrating, having orgasm after orgasm until my arms gave out!
The VICE is the Holy Grail for chairgasms! HELLO!


For many users the prospect of using the Aneros during intercourse has been a bit daunting. Granted, several models provide nice stimulation, but it"s generally been necessary to utilize a smaller unit to avoid overdoing it.
The softness of the VICE makes a high level of stimulation possible and combines it with a rectal fullness that makes for one corker of a happy ending!


The VICE is the first Aneros that could be said to be wearable.
While this has never been my thing, many users have long desired an Aneros that could be taken out in public. In actuality the prototype that gave birth to the VICE was conceptualized with this activity in mind several years ago.
In my estimation it"s size will make it easy to retain. The silicone will ensure that it"s not irritating for retaining for longer periods of time and the tabs will be no impediment to movement.
I would strongly advise that you do this without the vibrator however. (Should the power button be inadvertently engaged....you"ll have some "splainin" to do!)


While it is true that I have strongly discouraged the use of vibrators in the past I have done so primarily on the basis that static/continuous vibration (seen in standard vibrators) effectively desensitizes the prostate. When the company first started looking at developing this kind of product, they understood my concerns about this.
Consequently we had some discussions where I emphasized the need for a smart vibe, one that was designed for multiple patterns, patterns that were of varying intensity. Providing varying intensity delivers more stimulation while minimizing the desensitizing aspect of vibration.
Of the VICE"s nine vibration settings I found the Pulsing and Wave the most interesting. I would suggest that users try them all, because they all produce wonderful sensations. The Pulsating Wave combo is quite different, if one were to look at a graphic representation of output of this setting I suspect that it would look much like a circus tent ; one large peak in the center with two smaller peaks on either side of it, (ramp up to a small peak, hold for a fraction of a second than up to a larger peak, hold, then ramp down in the same way).

In short order I determined that vibrator could be used in two ways: passively (pop in the VICE, turn it on and go about your business, and actively, using contractions along with it. The passive approach is more suited to those that are concerned with traditional uses, i.e. as an amplifier for simple masturbation or along with intercourse.
For this application the VICE can be used right out of the box, with little effort. For those who have crossed-over the VICE is a delightful way to mix things up. This is where is gets interesting, while it is true that there are just 4 vibrator patterns, there are actually 2 ways to experience them actively: in phase, contracting with the peaks, and out of phase releasing your contractions at the peaks.
When you consider intensity of your contractions you can add yet another parameter to mess around with. It"s endless, and it"s fun. This approach further minimizes desensitization as your prostate is responding to constantly changing stimuli.

Who is the VICE for?

The VICE is the ultimate Aneros for experienced users who appreciate larger fare.
It is not an anal newbies model, although those who are familiar with anal play (and are new to the Aneros) will certainly find something to enjoy here. On the question of whether this will be the unit to push you over the edge (to a Super O) I would say that if it is it will be as a result of the VICE"s shape and responsiveness, not the vibrator.
While it is possible that the vibrator will work this way for some users, I"m doubtful that this will be the case for most people. This is not to say that one won"t have Super O"s with the vibrator, (I"ve had countless Super O"s with it), just that it will likely be with users who are already experienced with Super O"s.
That said, I think it"s possible that some experienced users may find this a key to a hands free orgasm.... it"s nearly happened for me several times (put the vibrator on Pulse...sit on the VICE and get grinding!).

There is no doubt that the VICE is a premium product (and is priced accordingly). But when you see the quality of this device and begin to appreciate all that it can do, I think you"ll agree that it is not a typical Aneros.
The craftsmanship and innovation that are reflected in this product are consistent with high-end brands like LELO and WEVIBE. The VICE also comes in it"s own custom designed case, a first for Aneros.


The VICE is a very versatile larger scale massager that can be appreciated on many different levels: actively, passively, wiggling, thrusting, sitting, with intercourse, out on the town...and all of these with or without one of the nine vibration settings! The vibrating patterns can be approached in any number of ways as well.
The VICE feels absolutely wonderful, and frankly from the very first time I used it...I never wanted to remove it! It is the only Aneros that I am using nowadays.

Pros: A very versatile device for experienced users and those who enjoy larger fare. A must for Aneros collectors, those who appreciate premium products and those who have been waiting for a vibrating Aneros.

Cons: Not for anal or Aneros newbies, considerably higher cost than other Aneros models.


Reviewed by : BF Mayfield


Only water based and natural oil based lubes should be used with this device.

As with all larger Aneros models copious amounts of lubrication should be used for optimum results.

On the battery life, although I don"t have any stats on it, I can say that I"ve used it for 3 hours continuously and it was still going strong.

Clean up is a snap with soap and water. For the more fastidious users, boiling in water for 2 minutes is generally acceptable for silicone products. Although I haven"t checked with HIH, I suspect that it is dishwasher safe as well (top rack only, put in a nipple cage to avoid it falling to lower rack).

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