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Aneros Maximus - out of stock

Category: Boy Toy/Aneros Male P-Spot Prostate Massager

What is the Aneros?

The Aneros Prostate Massager (stimulator) is a patented anal sphincter-driven, prostate-perineum massager. With the Aneros, men can achieve strong continuous, non-ejaculatory, full body orgasms previously unattainable through conventional sexual techniques. We refer to this type of orgasm as the Dream Orgasm, while many of our users call it the Super-O.||

Innovative Design
The medically researched and designed Aneros was developed specifically to massage what is becoming commonly referred to as the Male G-spot - the prostate, or more specifically, the prostate-perineum. Whereas the primary goal of a prostate massager is to massage the male prostate, the Aneros is by far the most effective of any available massager. It is the only medically researched and patented prostate massager, anatomically designed to work perfectly with the male body.|
Hands-Free Self-Propelled Pleasure

What makes the Aneros truly unique is that it is a hands-free, self-propelled device. The Aneros converts the anal sphincter"s natural motions and contractions directly into stimulation of the prostate and perineum, meaning that the user does not use it have to use it manually. That"s right, no hands! In fact, we recommend that manual prostate massage only be done by an expert or an urologist. Self massage of the prostate can be dangerous if not done correctly. With the Aneros, this is not a risk because your body tells the Aneros how gently or vigorously the prostate will be massaged.

The Aneros works on its own whereas other available devices require some type of manual intervention, which either requires the help of a partner or the individual being limited to a number of positions that he can effective massage the prostate while manipulating it with his hands. The Aneros has no such limitations. Sitting, standing, bent over, upside down -- there are endless possibilities to the positions that Aneros can be used in.
The Aneros Maximus
True to its name, the Maximus is the largest prostate stimulator we offer.

Similar in shape to the MGX and SGX, the Maximus is intended for those looking for a "fuller" experience. It provides greater pressure throughout the rectum and is a little more difficult to insert due to its size.

Although it is difficult to say exactly which model is best for any given individual, we would recommend this only for more experienced users who are seeking greater pressure.
1 .06" diameter at tip, circ. = 3.34"
1 .125" diameter at mid-ridge, circ. = 3.53"
1 .75" from main body to perineum pressure point

Made in the USA

-  For the advanced Aneros user
-  For men experienced with anal play/intercourse
-  Popular in the gay community
-  Largest model
-  Large head
-  Large stem
-  Thick perineum tab
-  More difficult to insert
-  Moves less inside the body than other models
-  Users report great performer during traditional intercourse
"What is the Male G-Spot?"

Male G-Spot? Is there such a thing? The answer is an unequivocal "YES." Quite simply, the Male G-Spot is the prostate, or more specifically, the prostate-perineum. What are they? The prostate is the male prostate gland, and the perineum is a dime-sized soft spot between the anus and scrotum. The important nerves that control the sexual organs, including those controlling erection, orgasm, and ejaculation, converge at the prostate and the perineum area. This means that this area is essentially a man"s "command center" for sexual pleasure. Massaging the prostate has been a way to maintain and increase sexual health for men since ancient times. Men who suffer from prostate diseases such as prostatitis and bph can get relief from these problems through regular prostate massages, usually given manually by a urologist.

So what does this have to do with the Aneros?

The medically researched and designed Aneros was originally created to safely and effectively massage the prostate, relieve congested prostate fluid, and promote general prostate health. It is anatomically tailored to the male body. When it was initially released, the Aneros worked like designed and greatly improved the quality of lives for many of our customers. However, in addition to reporting improved prostate health, many of our users reported experiencing unbelievable orgasms and unique pleasure that, while different from a traditional penile orgasm, could only be described as "orgasmic."

Non-ejaculatory, full-body shaking, continuous orgasms which can come in waves of minutes at a time are possible with the Aneros.

We"ve had many users report that in the midst of their orgasms their beds shake uncontrollably, they lose all sense of time, and that they make "fierce" animal noises. "Growl like a bear" seems to be a popular reaction to the pleasure received from using the Aneros.

Our enthusiasts have said that the "Super Orgasms" received from using the Aneros Massager are on a completely different level, both physically and spiritually, from traditional penile orgasms. However, using the Aneros and a penile orgasm are not mutually exclusive. In fact, many couples use the Aneros during intercourse. Because the Aneros also promotes sexual health, the Aneros has been reported to have a "Viagra-like" effect during intercourse and also enhances the strength of a traditional orgasm.

|Please refer to the website www.aneros.com to understand more regarding this item.

Thank you for including me in the test group.

Although I"ve used the original Aneros (Classsic) regularly for over 3 years and the MGX for 6 months or so, I definitely had some new experiences with the prototype, and the bottom line (no pun intended) is that I like it--it is a definite improvement over both the Classic and MGX Aneros. The MGX perineum tab geometry, which you included with the prototype, is also a major improvement over the Aneros Classic.


Initially, I experienced a burning sensation in the sphincter.... the burning was uncomfortable, but tolerable. The real problem was removing it! Removing the Maximus stung intensely. At first, I was concerned that the tissue had been bruised or injured in some way (because it is obviously larger!) There was no bleeding and the burning and stinging sensations ended within a few minutes after removing the prototype. Although the stinging intensity during removal was nearly enough to discontinue use, I decided to keep using it to find out what was causing the burning and realized three things:

1) the burning was identical to "muscle burn" I experience when pushing limits in exercise, and
2) the geometry of the prototype was stressing the sphincter (increased "neck" diameter and reduced length of "neck").
3) The massaging action was much stronger than the Aneros Classic and MGX, and the sphincter was much more active in this process.

In other words, the Maximus neck geometry gave my sphincter a workout.... once I realized this, I figured it wouldn"t be long before the phincter muscle would be in much stronger condition and both the burning and stinging would disappear. And that was the case. It required about 2 weeks of frequent on and off use (on the average, every other day), and after that no burning or stinging has occured since.

While it did sting, I discovered I could attenuate the intensity of stinging by using the sphincter to push the Maximus out, rather than my pulling it out.

With a sphincter now in sufficient condition to accommodate the Maximus, the main characteristic of the Maximus is that it does induce a much more rhythmic massaging motion almost immediately after insertion. Because of that, various great sensations and orgasms are induced much sooner than with the Aneros (Classic). Typically, for me, real enjoyment from the Aneros (Classic) would occur after 60-90 minutes of use. With the Maximus, the time has been reduced to 30 minutes. If I continue to use it for an hour, some really great rhythmic and strong contractions (never experienced with the Aneros (Classic) or MGX) begin. If I let it or encouraged it, I think I could ejaculate with the Maximus--I never got close to ejaculation with the Aneros (Classic), even though I"ve had many orgasms with it.

Also, curiously, I could never get an erection while using the Aneros and only infrequently (10% of uses) with the MGX. I often get full and hard erections using the Maximus (but not always). With the Maximus, when I contract the sphincter (70%), the massaging continues and soon causes a very pleasing sensation from the prostate (I think). I don"t really have words to describe it well, but it"s sort of a cross between the early stages of ejaculation, needing to urinate, and a very high frequency buzzing sensation. I had hints of this sensation with both the Aneros (Classic) and MGX, but it never came to fore and didn"t last for more than a second or so. With the Maximus, the sensation becomes primary and can be sustained.

In all, the Maximus is a definite improvement over the Aneros Classic, MGX and SGX--it is the best in your evolutionary progression.

Thanks for the opportunity to use it :-)

Best regards,



1.This model was fantastic and I want another one for a friend, but I hope it does not cost $160!!

I used this only a couple of times as it was so great and caused me to have such tremendous dry climaxes that I did not want to over do it and interfere with testing the models you sent me to test. I believe with a few more uses and a little more time, I might achieve a wet climax with this unit. Why do you not advertise this along with your other models?? I think it far out does anything I have used so far from your product line. I cannot say enough about it. After testing it several more times, I"d say it has given me the best climaxes of all of your models. I would like to get another one of those if possible as well.



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